Application of the Medicines of the Earth


Instruction for general application
Some medicines provide already the information where and how they can be used.
Read in peace and attentively the text to the respective Medicine.


Then choose a quiet place and take a moment for yourself.
Take the medicine in both hands and put it in your lap.


Get in touch with your topic and then get in touch with the medicine.
Take a moment and follow your own rhythm.


Put your mind aside and follow your first impulse you get, where to give the medicine into your aura, closer or farther away, with 1-3 sprays. Or you perceive to which chakra or which body area the medicine would like to be sprayed.
You will feel whether it wants to be directly on the skin / chakra or at a small distance in front of your body and at chakra height.
This type of application, which you have intuitively received, can be repeated once or twice daily in the morning and early evening, usually 1-3 days to one week, depending on your feelings.


Place the medicine in a sheltered and quiet place.
You can carry the medicine with you for some time and connect with it during your meditation.
You have choosen this medicine for yourself, so do not give it to others without thinking.
Application through a consultation
I’m happy to look which medicine can support and accompany you best at the moment  regarding to your topic or your current situation. In a short consultation you can get a personalized instruction for the application of the essence. At the same time it facilitates and intensifies the handling of the medicine.
The possible taking of a medicine should only be done through a previous consultation.
Healing rituals for and with the Medicines of the Earth take place only in personal contact with you.
You would like to order the Aura sprays – Medicines of the Earth
Send me an email with your request to .
The Medicines of the Earth – Aura sprays will be sent to you on request, well packaged by post plus postage fee through Europe and abroad.
Here you can find the contacts of our consultants – Earthshamans in different cities of Germany as well as Switzerland, in Scotland /Uk and Italy.
If you live in Switzerland, you can contact Jana B. Arnold directly. She is our consultant in Switzerland and likes to ship to you within the CH.